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May 2019

Greetings and Blessings for May – post Easter!

We rejoice in the resurrection!


This is one of those months where the mentions are of the Prayers, Cheers, Tears, Jeers, and Fears of our lives. This may prompt you to consider some of these areas of your life.


Tears still are of utmost consideration for what our Lord Jesus Christ endured on the cross, even unto death, to bear the burden of my sins. Cheers that Jesus was obedient to our Heavenly Father in making the atonement. Jeers to all who continue to mock Him, even as they did at the time of his sentence and death on the cross. My fear is that we the church are falling further and further from Jesus, the truth of Scripture, and the trust and obedience required of us.

Cheers for Easter! WE had a glorious worship service with record attendance (let’s keep this up). And cheers of thanksgiving as Elisha Smith became a faithful member of the church. Remember our vows as part of the church ask us to be faithful by our prayers, service, gifts, presence, and witness.


May is upon us. During May we have the following activities in which to cheerfully participate:

God’s Kids Teacher Appreciation Breakfast on May 8th from 8-9AM.

Meal and Game night sponsored by UMW at the UM Youth Home on Friday evening May 3rd. Did you that we have a plaque on a room in the new boys’ dorm in honor of MCC?

Mother’s Day Worship on Sunday morning, May 12th. It’s bring your mother to church Sunday. Many of us have Mothers who have gone on to be with the Lord. We tearfully remember them, in thanksgiving.

End of year programs in God’s Kids: 3-4 year-olds on May 10th; and pre-K Graduation on May 17th. Come and cheer on these children – they are a joy for our church!

Remember the upcoming Memorial Day Service on Sunday, May 26th, at 11:45 AM at the McCutchanville Cemetery.


The atmosphere at the egg hunt this year was cheerful and exciting. Turnout was great and the children not only hunted eggs, but they also heard the story of Jesus.

A jeer and tear that I have in mind is due to the dysfunctionality of the UMC. We need to come together as a church or allow individual churches like ours to independently go forth to spread the Gospel.

Tears still are in my heart as I remember a “young man” that I got very close to in our church, John Weaver. I give thanks!

We cheer on so many of our flock who continue to battle health concerns. Prayers for all.

Do not fear the theme of VBS this year. It is ROAR! VBS will be held each morning during the week of July 8th.

We met with Pastor Nate from the Northside Community Church (church group renting our chapel) and they are excited to continue their ministry for another year and wish to renew their lease. Our prayers are for their ministry.

Once again this spring we will have a work day at the church on Saturday, May 18th, at 8AM. Why not volunteer?

We serve the Risen Savior together,

Pastor Greg