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May 2018

Image result for from the pastor imagesGreetings,

As most of you know, Teresa and I just returned from another visit to our son and his family in Seoul. While there, we try as much as we can to learn about the city, shop for groceries, walk on the streets, we go to the English speaking church, find out about the country to the north, and so much more. When we walk on the streets, few speak our language, but when we go to McDonald’s we can place our order because there is a kiosk that allows us to order and pay in English.

Our greatest joy over the past couple of visits was taking our grandson to the park to play on the playground equipment where he loves to run and hide and do what a 2 year-old does. One day we went to the park and were met by a group of other two year-olds with their teachers from a local pre-school. Colton had a blast playing with these kids and we had a blast watching them.

After a while, one little boy came up to me and wanted to take me by the hand and walk around with me. Yes, I was unsure if I should do this because of being a stranger, but the teacher nodded her approval and I went with him. We walked around a while and then he said “hal-abeoji.” I recognized this word because that is what our grandson calls his Korean grandfather.

Repeatedly, this cute little boy kept saying this, and when I would kind of move away from him, he would come back, grab my hand and say “hal-abeoji.” That night I started thinking about this and think I learned a lesson that I would like to pass along.

Far too often, we look inward for quick fixes, fail to pray for help in our time of need and in our everyday lives. Instead we just go it alone. I know how much I enjoyed walking around with this young child, and I have to believe, our loving God would love us to walk up to Him, take his outstretched hand, and have a “closer walk with Him.” To trust in God’s unfailing mercy and grace is faith. We talk about it, but all too often ignore it.

We are His children, the sheep of His pasture. Friends, enjoy the relationship. Try approaching God as if you are taking Him by the hand, Say: “Dad” “Father” “hal-abeoji.” You will feel great in doing so, and God will enjoy every moment of it.

In Christ,

Pastor Greg