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June 2019


Our local schools have released their students for the summer. The local ball fields are alive every evening with children playing softball and baseball. There are some who are making plans for vacations, camping, trips to amusement parks, and other family enjoyment. What do we gain from all of this? I am going to be so bold as to suggest that we gain LIFE!

King Solomon wrote some of his best general observations about life in Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. In baseball and softball a batter often endures a slump – and can’t get a base hit for anything. No matter how much the batter works at it, nothing seems to happen. Either the ball is hit right at the fielder or strike three is heard from the umpire. And then all of a sudden, hits start falling in when they did not before. King Solomon implied that life is like that as well – it is about timing. Sometimes there are good times and sometimes there are bad times.

In fact Solomon got everything out in the open in his opening observation – there is a time to be born and a time to die. That is a fact, not just an observation. But following birth, at some time one must determine how to live. Will I choose to believe in a Holy God and accept Jesus as my Savior, or choose to believe in a world that promises what it cannot give – true life? We all know that we will die an earthly death, yet we can only receive true life by believing in Jesus Christ.

One of the best observations brought forth by Solomon was that there is a time to be silent and a time to speak. As a pastor, I have learned that I need to have better listening skills, both to wait upon the Lord, and to actually be an attentive listener. Do you have the problem as I do when being introduced to someone for the first time? You are so caught up with the moment that you do not remember the person’s name whom you are meeting. Yes, many of us do. This is a reminder to slow things down, appreciate the moment, listen, learn, and do not speak so rapidly. A time to speak and a time to be silent – great idea – maybe I will try this for a change.

I encourage you to read this passage for yourself. Undoubtedly life brings highs and lows, peaks and valleys, slumps and cheers. From the Message Solomon asks the question found in Ecclesiastes 3:9: “But in the end, does it really make a difference what anyone does?” The prophet Micah also answers the question in Micah 6:8: “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.”

Know that God has you in mind and always has. Despite all the issues that confront you, God’s timing is always right and God is with you through everything.

Be a blessing to God and to others,

Pastor Greg