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July 2018

Back when The Evansville Courier was The Evansville Courier, it carried a Saturday editorial called Cheers, Jeers and Tears which brings to light some of the happenings around the Tri-State and how they affect us. This month I offer you the cheers, tears, and jeers issue of “From the Pastor.” Listed below are some of the things we celebrate; some of the things that possibly give us reason to be sad; and some of the things that we just don’t quite understand.


¨ Remember to pray for our church as we undertake the renovation of the parsonage next door. We had some community folks nearly in tears thinking we were going to tear the house down. That is not where we were led to go and need all to support this project in many ways.

¨ Thank you for cheering and leading our children in our recent vbs. Each day we sang, taught, fed, played with approximately 60 children. Proverbs 22:6: Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

¨ I wish to thank the McCutchanville Cemetery Committee for the annual Memorial Day Service. Every year we remember those who served our country and some who paid the ultimate price. This brings tears of sadness that lives have been lost. But on the other hand, there is a feeling of pride for those families who give thanks for those who served our nation. Today we cheer on those who serve us.

¨ In late July, you will see a revised playground begin to take place for our God’s Kids children. Through the excess funds from our past year in God’s Kids, we are able to put down a new surface and expand the playground. Today’s playground is rough and sometimes brings tears to our children. You will soon see cheers of joy from these children!

¨ Cheering after having seen a wonderful movie with Teresa. If you get the chance go see, I Can Only Imagine. The world may jeer such a great message, and you might shed a tear from some heart tugging scenes, but I assure you that you will come away with some renewed hope.

¨ We shed a tear for those families who have been pulled apart in trying to enter our great country. I realize this is a political hot button for some. However, it is always my hope that children can reside with their parents. I don’t agree with protests and loud voices on the matter, because often the one who has the loudest voice or the most money wins the battle. I pray that Congress and the President can come up with an equitable plan for those families so desperately trying to get into the USA. We can’t just jeer and say, close the border. We can offer pathways for entry that all must meet in order to enter. And I will add, this is a people matter, not a Democrat or Republican matter, and our elected officials are called to govern for the people.

¨ Think I’m about to jeer at all the rain this week as I am writing this, but as soon as I do that it will turn dry. So God, as always, our weather is in your hands and I cheer you, God, for caring for our every need.

¨ On July 4th we celebrate another birthday for our country which always causes us to cheer. Be in prayer for our nation that we can be a nation united under God and seek God’s will. We should pray for all our leaders, of both parties.

¨ Lastly, July 1st is the 2nd Anniversary of serving as your pastor. Whether for you that is cheers, tears or jeers, I wish to thank you for your love and grace shown to us.


In Christ,

Pastor Greg